Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

“You traveled the world…now you must journey inwards…to what you really fear… It’s inside you…there is no turning back. Your parents’ death was not your fault. Your training is nothing. The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely. Are you ready to begin?” – Henry Ducard.
From start to finish Christopher Nolan exhibits an immutable theme for his character of Batman. Wayne’s character manifests human psychological complexities of self-doubt, hatred, and revenge. In the newly released film, The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan concludes Batman’s mentality with his self-realization. Batman and Bruce Wayne are contrasting individuals, created by a broken child who grows up to be a conflicted adult.
In the Dark Knight Rises, Batman was previously accused of the murder of Harvey Dent, which causes Bruce Wayne to become a hermit. Wayne is encouraged to end his depressed state by long time butler and friend Alfred and business partner Lucious Fox. Intrigued by Selina Kyle also known as Cat Woman when he catches her robbing his personal safe, Wayne wakes up from his depression. An ordinary cop named Blake convinces Wayne to put on the Bat suit again. The city is not sure how to handle their beloved Dent’s murderer, but is imposed upon by a bigger threat. Bane is a stereotypical villain whose face is half covered with a mask to assist in his breathing. He plans to abduct Gotham and hand it over to its criminals. Bruce Wayne must make the choice to be Gotham’s hero or leave it behind. Then he is obligated to confront his fear of self-doubt and identity in order to save Gotham.
The Dark knight Rises was an exceptional conclusion to the recent Batman Phenomenon. The film itself is successful in the genre of superhero movies. It consists of a multitude of impressive weaponry, which is used to construct dramatic violent scenes. The IMAX cameras used create a three-dimensional aspect for viewers. The Hollywood effects were most successful in demonstrating reality. I enjoyed the movie because of its over the top Hollywood action scenes and the complexity of its characters. The characters were well written and illustrated by each distinctive personality. The movie would still be successful even without watching the first two. As the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy it is remarkable in demonstrating a better look at the inner psyche of what makes up Batman. The first two films touched on Batman’s self-overcoming but it was not resolved until The Dark Knight Rises. Critics may disagree with Nolan’s decision about Batman’s choice in the end, but I respect the reasoning behind it. Batman is an abstract character with a depressing history, which cannot continue to live two separate lives. Without dedicating full attention to either he will slowly become insane. Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight tells Batman, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”. Which is how I feel about Batman’s decision in the end.


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