G.O.O.D Music Cruel Summer Review

“I’m in dat two seat Lambo wit yo girl she tryna jerk me . . . “

Was where it all began with an obvious studio altered male voice. And then the language of a woman explaining something, that no one understands but everyone still seems to sing, in the radio smash hit Mercy”.

With hints of involvement with the satanic cult the “Illuminati”, to professing his love for his highly sought after reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is always full of surprises. Now, he’s released his first compilation album under G.O.O.D Music featuring artists on the label. This sort of album usually consist of tracks from either single or multiple recording artist under the same label, often culled from a variety of sources, (such as studio albums, live albums, demos etc).  Kanye has once again managed to forcefully steal hearts with his contemporary style and ability to push to the next level. Lyrics so clever and knowledgeable ignorance isn’t an option. Yeezy has managed to change the game once again, not only with rap music  but with a mixture of genres through out the album as a whole and in the songs.  The transition to 80’s pop bounce in  “Mercy” as it goes into its bridge, is what kept the listeners tuned in for over 5 minutes. Or maybe it was the quote on top of the 80’s pop bounce “Most rapper taste level/ain’t at my waist level”.

With numerous collaborations within and outside of G.O.O.D Music, pop, rap, and R&B music have been brought together to create an unclassified genre. “The One” featuring R&B singer  Marsha Ambrosius, one of the many songs produced by Kanye himself,  is the perfect example. Rapping to the melodic tenderness of a piano as he creates the illusion of love through sound when in actuality he’s self indulging and belittling females that reflect most of whom he’s dated thus far. All the while Marsha Ambrosius’s husky yet vibrant voice creates contrast through the words she saying and how she’s saying them over the ballad like sounds.

Blatant honesty ,white lies, and plain disregaurd for the emotions of others is what makes my feelings toward Cruel Summer on the fence. It takes more then just a catchy beat and bragging about what you have to be considered a top of the line musician. The tracks To the World” ,”New God Flow” and “I Dont Like” are of controversial topic. First there was rapper Meek Mill and his song “Amen”. A highly publisized boycott against the song by Paster Jomo Johnson of the Open Air church of Philidephia broke out to have the song removed from radio stations. Reason being, he stated that the song  was blasphemous with its use of sexual overtones and blending of religious language and sinister language.   Now Kanye has done the same thing within Cruel Summer, in songs like “I Don’t Like” (“The media crucify me like they did Christ”), “To the World” (“R.Kelly and the God of Rap/sh!ttin on you, Holy Crap!”), and “New God Flow” (“I’m just the God of everything else. . . . . New God Flow, F!ck everything else”). Combining religion with what is seen as secular music in the Christian community, is disrespectful to God and to Christians and is completely immoral.

Will he take all the credit if this is praised or will he point fingers if things flop just because of the fact that this is a group effort?

A huge curve was hit when the foreign tribal sounds of Creepers”  filled my ears. Beats with such swiftness they create the imagery of creeping through a jungle occupied with hunting your prey, and then a chase ensues after your detection.All the while lyrics of rap genre raining over it.  Although I was able to define the beauty in this piece, this song more than likely will not be a heavy hitter due to it’s new style. People aren’t ready for that level of creativity just yet. Most rap lovers haven’t even figured out the metaphor system yet.

Ending with “Bliss”a very cliche, as far the lyrics go, romantic ballad performed by Teyana Taylor and John Legend. The beat is very Phyliss Hyman early 90’s era, which is where “It doesn’t matter what you say on the track because this beat is just that good” comes into play. I’m really not a huge fan of Teyana Taylor for many reason but the main being her vocal ability, or should I say lack there of. But now days that really doesn’t matter much.

To compare Cruel Summer to a compilation by some one like Rick Ross, the CEO of MMG(Maybach Music Group), who has done various compilation albums, would be inequitable. And yet the comparisons are probably what makes Cruel Summer fall slightly short of great.

Cruel Summer can be found on iTunes as well as all music retailers.

By:Blair Lashley


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