The Voice: Joe Kirkland

“Everything is bigger in Texas”, Joe Kirkland says with enthusiasm. The 24 year old Texas native is no stranger to the music industry. Joe is the new frontman of the LA local band “Artist vs. Poet” (AVP) and currently one of the many hopeful singers to win Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice.

Joe Kirkland – The Voice Season 3 (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

The Voice is a singing competition that draws in aspiring singers ages 15+ from public auditions. The contestants must perform a ‘blind audition’ and turn the chair of at least one coach (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green, and Christina Aguilera) to make it into the competition. After each filling a team of 16 contestants, the coaches dedicate themselves to working with their teams to the best of their advising ability. Next is the battle rounds where the coaches pair two of their singers to compete against each other singing the same song. Following the battle rounds is the live shows, and so on until one contestant of one team is left standing to be named “The Voice”.

“It all came down to 90 seconds, I barely remember it”, says Joe Kirkland following his successful blind audition. After immediately turning the chairs of both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, Joe chose Adam to be his coach as they share this ‘frontman bond’. I knew from the start if he turned his chair that’s who he’d end up with. Adam and Joe both have unique, distinctive voices and I know they will work great together! “You have this really cool combination of an aggressive tone but you also have a lot of control over it.. which is really rare” stated Adam Levine after turning his chair first for Joe. Lisa Marie, a proud friend of Joe Kirkland emphasized, “He has such an amazing unique voice and so much talent that the world needs to see!” Following Joe’s performance Blake Shelton stated, “That guy was really good. I mean, I don’t know what kind of a jackass wouldn’t push their button for that guy.” It seems as though everyone is full of nothing but great things to say about this Joe Kirkland!

“Are you watching right now? I found your future husband!”, reads an incoming text from my mom while I’m listening to a familiar voice coming from my television in the other room. Anxious to see who my future husband could be, I scurry in only to find an old friend of mine on the television. I wasn’t sure what to feel in that instant as I was unaware Joe was auditioning for The Voice and as my mother was trying to arrange my marriage. Clearly she was unfamiliar with our friendship until I replied with “Mom, that’s my friend Joe. I have no idea what he’s doing on television right now, but I know him.” She proceeded with, “Why haven’t you gotten on that yet?” Yeah, why haven’t I?

With the judges backs to the stage, Joe couldn’t use his looks to make his way into fame.. not like he needed to anyways. He is an extremely talented musician with great stage performance. Lisa Marie agrees with me on that while adding, “He is just one of those guys that you see live once and just know he’ll make it big one day. He is an extremely talented guitarist and singer!” His blind audition performance of “Gives You Hell” instantly climbed the charts on iTunes. Clearly Lisa and I weren’t the only two females trying to support him!

Watching him on television instantly gave me a rush of emotions. First, I was surprised to see him on the show, then I was instantly just so excited for him pursuing his dream and getting this amazing opportunity! As soon as the judges turned their chairs I found myself screaming and cheering. I was not only excited for him making it through to the next round, but also the fact that I’ll be able to watch more of him on television! Seeing someone you know on a personal level, on one of the top shows today getting over a million views is crazy! I can only imagine how many people were watching his audition while I was alone on my bed talking to him through the television as if he could hear and see me. I was just so beyond excited for him! I couldn’t be more happy that he’s finally getting the chance to show the world what they’ve been needing to see! Maybe it’s jealousy, but I still can’t believe I was watching the same Joe Kirkland I met a few years back now on my television performing in front of four top selling artists and an entire studio audience. The moment was surreal.


One thought on “The Voice: Joe Kirkland

  1. I thought that Joe Kirkland did really well on his version of Gives You Hell. He was upbeat and lively. I think it’s cool that you know him and support him in his efforts to make his dreams come true. I’ve already got my Hopper timer set each week to record The Voice and hopefully we’ll get to see more of Joe. I think he has a nice style: from his hair right down to his clothes, he seems very sure of himself. My DISH co-worker didn’t exactly like his performance but I chalk it up to that being one of his favorite songs. I think he did a fantastic job getting the judges to turn around. Best of Luck!

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