2012 VP Debate: Best Celebrity Tweets

The 2012 Vice President Debate was cray cray! Or at least, American celebrities think so! Below is a collection of sparkling tweets covering the Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan debate.

“Biden and Ryan just need to snuggle together with matching robes & play Fairway Solitaire & giggle like school girls.” – Rainn Wilson

“BREAKING: Post debate results just in… Ryan now at 6% body fat, 94% water.” – Michael Moore

”WHY I DIDN’T WATCH THE DEBATE: I was having dinner.”  – Steve Martin 

“It’s always a little tough to recover from debating myself. No it isn’t! See?”– Stephen Colbert

“Can you really see Ryan kicking it w/ a Native American? Anywhere?” – Samuel L. Jackson

“Can Dennis Haysbert run in character as David Palmer in 2016?” – Aziz Ansari 

“This poor kid debating Biden!!! His flag pin is shiny though!”– Andy Cohen

“What if Ryan slaps joe Biden for laughing & all of those chiclets fall out?” – Bethenny Frankel 

“I hate the real time focus charts on @CNN. Let us decide for ourselves how we feel. This isn’t x factor. It is insulting to us. Lose it!” – Judd Apatow

“Joe Biden looks like he’s waiting at the DMV for 4 hours behind Paul Ryan who failed the test and refuses to leave” – Olivia Wilde

“Mr. Biden, your rude behaviour leaves me with no choice but to ask you to leave Downton Abbey immediately!” – Seth Meyers

“So…. Who won?” – Anderson Cooper

“My girls & I are watching the vice presidential debates. Then we’re going to watch a comedy, “Gremlins.””  – Hugh Hefner

“Drudge is writing about Biden’s “giggling.” That’s how I know Ryan’s losing” – Patton Oswalt

“Some babies are beanie babies. #debate” – Kat Dennings

“Joe should be a sexy policeman for Halloween and Paul should be a sexy kitten. Martha should go as Martha.” – Eric Stonestreet

“That Costco-sized bag of salt ‘n’ vinegar chips before the debate was a bad idea.– Ryan” – Patton Oswalt

“Paul Ryan’s pin is bigger than Biden’s” – Sarah Hyland

“How much water can one man drink? And how is he holding it in?” – Piers Morgan

“It’s Biden who sounds like the wonk with all the facts” – Roger Ebert

“I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Ryan. But it wld be cool if Biden made him cry” – Bill Maher

“Biden is looking at Ryan like a veteran cop watching a rookie trip over his gun.” – Nikki Reed

“When is @JoeBiden gonna say something and follow it with “like a boss…”?” – Chuy Bravo


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