“OOOOOO, pink goes good with green!”

Walking into the Hippodrom with my mom I was filled with anticipation and excitement! I had seen Wicked here once before, almost 6 years ago in high school, but, because it was so long ago, it was like I was seeing it for the first time. Wicked explores the journey of one person accepting who they are and following their heart. It’s the story of what really happened between “good” and “evil” in the magical land of Oz and explores relationships between people who, at one point, wanted nothing to do with each other, as they find out that what is on the outside is not quite who the person is on the inside.

The story of Wicked starts out with Glinda (formally known as GA-linda) who is portrayed as the good witch descending in her bubble announcing that the wicked witch is dead! And when asked how she knew her, she took us back to  move in day at Shiz University, where magical creatures from all lands come to improve their skills and find their place in the world.

It is immediately clear that the focus is on two women, Galinda who comes from wealth, is the popular girl, and is cute and blonde, and Elphaba, who’s main purpose there is to look after her sister and is rather odd. You see her mother had and affair, drank a green potion, became pregnant and when Elphaba came out she was GREEN.  The students of the school, including Galinda, found it hard to get past her green façade and didn’t give her a chance.

Just as the head mistress was asking for a volunteer to be Elphabas roommate, Galinda, not paying attention, raised her hand to ask a question. Without any notice that she was not raising her hand to volunteer from the head mistress they became roommates. Over time Galinda realized that Elphie (the nickname she gave her) is not evil, just misunderstood and she cares for other creatures, just as much as she cares for herself and her sister, and wants nothing more then to help and fight for what is right in the world.

As the play goes on we learn that animals, who could once walk and talk, were now being caged,  the wizard tricked Elphaba into creating spies for him, who liked bananas but could fly in the sky, the great Wizard of Oz was not so great at all, no one really knows what is going on and all that you thought happened in the great world of  Oz was, not at all, what really happened.

Wicked is a story of believing in yourself and who you are, finding the good in others, realizing that what you see is not, at always, what you get, and having the courage to stand up for what you believe is right. After seeing this musical for the second time, I was just as mesmerized by the artistry of the set, the fantastic costumes, and the amazing storyline. The Wizard of Oz was never something that I felt the need to watch over and over again, but Wicked is one musical that I wouldn’t mind seeing every year for the rest of my life and that I would recommend to anyone age 10 to 110.


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