Stress Be Gone!

Oh, no.

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is a long-forgotten memory, the carefree Summer has melted away, and Fall has somehow slipped into the biting cold Winter months. The joy of Halloween and Thanksgiving has been replaced by frantic Winter holiday shopping and awful holiday music on constant repeat. And if you aren’t stressing about finding the perfect gifts for friends, family, and any acquaintance you’ve known for more than five minutes, you’ve probably got the stresses of making time to attend gatherings with people you haven’t talked to since this time last year, some big event at work, or school finals.

These life-factors have a way of casting a dark shadow over these last couple months of the year, adding unnecessary stress to a time that should be full of joy and celebration. So if you’re one of the unlucky few that has something hanging over your head, take a minute. It’s time for some stress-relief.

And what better way to begin finding relief than at a place that celebrates taking relief, well, quite literally? The Restroom Cultural Park. Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Located in Suwon, South Korea, this theme park is all about toilets. Why? Well, why not? Doesn’t everyone want to walk around a toilet-shaped museum learning about the device’s history?

The Mr. Toilet House (image from

Obviously the first theme park of its kind, The Restroom Cultural Park is actually educational as far as content goes since it’s more of a museum. Visitors learn about toilets from around the world throughout the years, and can study sculptures of people squatting. If that’s not enough to get you to go, there’s also the thrill of being able to use Sim Jae-duck’s very own toilet. The former mayor of Suwon died in 2009, but his fascination with toilets lives on in this museum located in his home.

After that relieving experience, you can then head over to the souvenir shop and pick up some toilet and poop-shaped gifts for the holidays. With treats like that, The Restroom Cultural Park may have just blown Denmark’s BonBon-Land out of the water.

Okay, so maybe weird theme parks aren’t your thing. Then take a seat on the couch, flip on the television, and check out Killer Karaoke, which premiered Friday, November 23rd. Reality competitions have nothing on this new show.  Hosted by the Jackass, Steve-O, this show managed to drag up a slew of people willing to face various fears all while singing karaoke. It’s like American Idol and Fear Factor got together and had a really weird, talentless television child. But, regardless, it’s worth witnessing at least once for the laughs you’re pretty much guaranteed as competitors shove their heads in boxes of pigeons and run into cacti for a cash prize.

Not a thrill-seeker? Don’t worry. You can just reminisce about your childhood toys with your old friend, Chanel. The buzz for the Spring 2013 Collection? Karl Lagerfeld’s Lego-inspired clutch. It comes in an assortment of colors, just like the toy, but will most likely cost at least ten times as much. You might be better off building your own.

The Lego Clutch (image from

So the next time you’re bugging out, think about all these ridiculous things going on in the world right now. They’re all just simple, average topics– natural bodily functions, facing fears, and childhood– but they’re put on display in grandiose ways. But why would people choose to glorify such things? It’s because they’re so relatable and reach a universal audience. And despite not being taken seriously, their silliness makes them memorable, and interesting enough to distract you from your daily life, if only for a moment. The ridiculousness from their glorification makes these events stress-relieving– they’re basic and somewhat unbelievable, but they make you laugh and give at least some temporary relief. It’s just an added bonus that these stress-reducers are cheaper than a therapist (unless you decide to actually book a trip to South Korea), and require way less flexibility than yoga.


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