Have you heard? How could you have not?!

Katy, no one cares that you’ve been betrayed by Russel, again.. And Kim, your mother thinks you’re garbage? Tell me something I don’t know.

 Kate Middleton is pregnant! No seriously, it’s legit this time.. Not only is it the headline of every tabloid out there, but there’s a fetus and everything.

As much as I adore Kate Middleton, my initial reaction to the first headline I saw reading, “A Royal Baby” was anger. I’m sorry but like a royal baby is being born and it’s not mine, that’s so unfair.

And so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby. Welcomed with nothing but congratulations, everyone is thrilled as it will keep the monarchy going. The sex and due date of the little royal child are yet to be revealed. They’re trying to keep this as private as possible, yet it is already the worst kept secret in the world.

ABC News, E! Online, In Touch Magazine, Star Magazine, USA Today, Life & Style, People Magazine. Just a few ways in which I heard the news. There’s no hiding this fetus from the press!

There is even an online poll going where you can vote for a baby name. The polls consist of the ten most popular names in the UK for boys and girls. Over a few thousand votes were already taken within hours of the polls being opened.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.50.33 PM

Although it is not an option seen in the polls, it is said that the couple has agreed to name the little royal Diane if it is a girl, after William’s deceased mother.

Not much has been revealed so far other than the fact that the Duchess was checked into the hospital for a few days with morning sickness. Many precautions are being taken for this precious royal child.

For someone who’s Facebook status read “PRINCESS KATE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! Time for another party to watch the birth of the royal baby!!!! HAHAHA”, Kristyn Allen,19, had a lot of serious things to say about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.  The chances of them televising the birth of the royal addition will be slim to none. I suggest a party to celebrate the birth once the baby is born….. I will supply the tiara’s. “I think it’s going to be an amazing experience for her but also very terrifying”, Kristyn focuses on the fact that it’s such a big deal that the Duchess is having a baby. “Pregnancy [from what I’ve observed] seems hard enough alone, not to mention also being constantly in the spot light”. Kristyn told me she’s curious how Kate will bring up the baby in the spotlight knowing how she has had to adjust to it herself, and knowing what being in the spotlight did to Princess Diana.

When I asked Desirae Vivian Stevens, 22, her thoughts on the pregnancy, her initial response was “Do you want a serious quote or my actual reaction? Haha!” She gave me a bit of both [serious and actual] when she said, “In a celebrity-obsessed culture, I think it is incredibly exciting and fascinating that this baby will be historically relevant as well. I was really excited to find out that Kate was pregnant, how fabulous for the Royal Family! She’s totally going to give Suri Curise a run for her money – clearly I am hoping it’s a girl!”

So there you have it, the heartbeat heard ’round the world. The world is abuzz with the royal news and people will be talking about this forever, history in the making!


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