Life of Pi review


“I have a story that will make you believe in God”

Running water disperses through the theater slowly changing with beautiful light. A soft singing plays over a cute scene of animals which depict India. A short disturbance of a computer generated elephant which moves almost too perfectly is replaced soon by an actual elephant. Trees loom over peaceful India causing my body to relax and diminish my anticipation. The story has begun and I am already completely engulfed in a trance. Each shot holds breathless beauty embodying me in sound in vision.

Life of Pi is an incredible story that can make a cynical human feel something. A writer has lunch with a man who begins to tell him the story that changed his life. Pi is fighting for territory with an adult Bengal tiger in a life boat after a horrific ship wreck. Pi was a young boy when he finds himself through religion and is tested by God which reveals his true faith in the face of death. Pi is a vegetarian who sees the emotions and friendship in even the most vicious animals.


The movie takes you into the cosmos through the souls of the living. It visualizes life and death through astounding religious symbolism. The direction and picture is flawless with surreal colors and stimulating composition. The bright red inside of the life boat never changed against the wildness of the ocean and green vegetation of the islands. My emotions were thrown over waves and kept on edge till the credits played.

This movie felt real to me in every way even with the surreal visuals that hypnotized me. The actors really brought me into the film. The 3 actors who played Pi throughout his life convinced me more than the 3 actors who played Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire. Irrfan Khan is the actor who plays adult Pi, he was emotionally moving throughout the movie. He saved the scenes where he is telling the writer the story. Rafe Spall acted as the writer where he made me feel adverse and disengaged from his character. Surja Sharma has the most difficult role of Pi Patel as a teenager who is the boy in the boat with a tiger. Sharma brought an incredible performance of his fight for survival as Pi.

Even with the intricately breath taking scenes and convincing actors the true question is “Do I believe in God now that I have heard his story?” Not enough to become a Nun or really even go to Church. The movie did make me feel something and even made want to change my life to have my own spiritual experience. This feeling left me as soon as I left the theater and stepped into the freezing night in Baltimore. I then experienced my own hell and test of faith making my way to the car that was parked too far away. I can only have one symbolic spiritual event at a time. As for the success of the movie, I may have to take back my previous thought and go see it again but in 3D even though it makes me sick. If you want to go for a spiritual spin this movie will give you that.



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