E-Mail Interview with Future Islands

Future Islands: if you could go to any island in the future, which
would it be? Any island in the past?

William Cashion: I think I’d go to Crete in the past & future.

At times, going on tour can be very intense; when was the last time
you woke up bleeding?

William: About a year ago, we had to drive through the night from
Norman, OK to Austin, TX to play a festival at 1pm that afternoon…
Load-in was at 10 or something. We had beer for breakfast.

The craziest thing that’s happened on tour so far? (Eg: Have you had
anyone slingshot a bra with their number on it at the stage?)

William: We’ve had some pretty wild crowd surfing going on at our
shows… Sometimes the crowd doesn’t catch the person, and that’s
always a little scary seeing someone stage-dive to the floor.

What performance of yours was your favorite concert of late? Your
favorite concert by another artist or performer?

William: My favorite Future Islands show from this past year was
probably the one we did outside at Current Gallery a few months back.
We debuted a bunch of new songs that night, and it was a really great
vibe all around. My favorite shows by other artists… Probably this
band Vio/Mire from Providence, RI – I saw them play at the Blue Moon
Saloon in Shepherdstown, WV and they just totally blew me away. Really
beautiful arrangements & performance… the music was woozy in the
best way, it sounded like a Chagall painting.

What’s your favorite kind of venue/crowd to perform for? MICA
certainly enjoyed yall last year. How has Baltimore’s music scene
effected your band’s experience?

William: I like playing the smaller clubs, I’m a fan of the intimate
shows. The Baltimore arts scene has been really supportive to us
through the years. There’s a great, tight-knit community here and
we’re proud to be a part of it. The Baltimore Round Robin Tour back in
2008 was one of the most unique & crazy tours I’ve ever been on…
something like 25 bands and 60+ people.

How do you guys get ready for a show?

William: We can’t give away all of our secrets!

If you could be rock stars in any other time period, what would you
pick? We’d definitely say 1800’s. Or performing for extinct animals.

William: I think it’d be rad if we were doing our thing in the 1950s.

How do you collaborate with artists in the production of your music,
from album artwork to music videos and posters?

William: We generally work with our friends when it comes to
collaborating… Keepin’ it in the family.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

William: Brian Eno.

If you could give yourselves advice when you started out as Future
Islands, what would you say?

William: Tour more.

Any advice for up-and-coming art school bands?

William: Don’t wait until you’re any good to leave the garage. Throw a
keg party and make your band the headlining act.

cheese? Parrano cheese.
Baltimore location? Falls road.
American location? North Carolina… I also love the deserts of the Southwest.

So what’s in the future for Future Islands?

William: Writing, a whole bunch of writing.

What’s your favorite scene in the Back To The Future trilogy?

William: When Michael J. Fox is playing the guitar solo at the dance.

Fill in the blank: BMORE…. (Be more _____.)

BMORE Polite

Came up with these questions with my friend Daphne Taranto. She also runs an art zine with her twin sister who goes to RISD. The zine is called YTB and it features student work from MICA and RISD students. Special thanks to her for being able to pull enough string to make this happen. Also special thanks to Future Islands for participating


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