The Voice: review

Ceelo, Christina, Adam, Blake
Ceelo, Christina, Adam, Blake

Article by: Yuris Kim


The Voice is the one and only show I watch regularly (on Hulu), after I decided to quit “The Office”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “New Girl”. I’m still waiting on “Community”. The Voice shows off all these talented singers, much more talented than the ones on “The American Idol”, I would say. The show is like any other talent shows, where they give multiple chances for all the ones who got picked in the first place, and slowly kill them off one by one. One interesting aspect of the show is that there are 3 ways each contestant can be knocked off: by their own coach, by their own song choice and performance, and by America. There are 4 talented singers who are the coaches and mentors as well (Adam Levine, Ceelo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton), who scribble notes during performances and give seemingly intelligent comments and advice. And there is the MC (Carson something) of course, who is always obviously nervous because they are always live and he has a clock ticking right in his face (of course we can’t see it). The show is loud with the cheers from the audience, the lovely audience who Adam tells to “shut up” time to time because they won’t let him speak. What makes the show really interesting though, is the fact that people comment through Facebook and twitter, and share their own intellect as if they were one of the coaches. So I guess I could sum up the general opinions of the viewers and mine on the coaches and the current remaining contestants.

First the coaches.

1. Adam Levine: he shows his tender sides that seep out of his cocky and stand-offish outward appearance. He says “I love you” a lot, and some have said that his choice of songs for his own contestant suck. Maybe they are right, because Adam just lost all his singers from his team.

2. Ceelo Green: he does not hide the fact that he “respects, adores, and loves” all women regardless of race and age. He’s showed off the weirdest outfits this season, but unfittingly, he has also shown us his soft sides. He has teared up multiple times and it is clear that he’s developed very a special bond with his singers. Sometimes he does sound like a preacher, probably an influence from his parents who were ministers.

3. Christina Aguilera: other than the fact that we all know she can’t show off her chest enough, she is the hardest note taker, she is always looking down on her paper as she speaks. Seems like a lot of people have become irritated with her however, but having one female in anything for anything usually results into that. Everyone hates that girl. I can’t deny her talent, and since she doesn’t seem to mind any criticisms, who cares. Currently she has no singer left on her team though, so she is probably disgruntled.

4. Blake Shelton: Blake by far is the most fatherly coach on the show. He actually takes all the singers on his tour and talks to them like he’s their father. He brings in his wife time to time as well. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have been fighting like cats this season (last season was Adam and Christina), but right now, him and Ceelo are the last two coaches standing with singers left on their teams.

Now the contestants.

1. Trevin Hunte (Team Ceelo): a black young man who sings like Whitney Houston. He was told by his teacher that he would become a nobody, apparently, but here he is singing like every invincible powerhouse singers on stage.


2. Nicholas David (Team Ceelo): a modern day mystic who sings like a mystic. His voice can’t be described in words, I’ve never heard anyone sing like that. His legs have a mind of their own, and when he is really into his singing, his legs flare up and start dancing. People are probably more intrigued by him than anything.


3. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake): the new punk rock girl who can sing as high as Kelly Clarkson but still is dainty yet powerful like Carrie Underwood. She has won over America mostly, and Christina Aguilera.


4. Terry McDermott (Team Blake): he came straight out of the 90s with a mullet, but sings like Freddie Mercury. Has a beautiful piercing voice, dresses in black, and loves Blake. Personally, i think he could win the whole thing.



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